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We take a holistic approach toward marketing since, just like a pocket watch, all parts have to be moving in unison to get the greatest results from your campaigns.

Specialising in Private Healthcare


for the same old marketing strategies that are applied by agencies to all industries.

Your business deserves and needs a bespoke strategy that is created by marketing professionals who have direct experience and have achieved success with a business like yours. We understand the services that you provide, the keywords people are searching for, the questions they are asking and how to design for conversions.

All these elements lend toward creating you that all important content strategy, implementing a targeted SEO campaign that gets your site in front of the right people and building our Google AdWords accounts that get the most out of your budget for the services your provide that offer the highest ROI.

When you work with us you get a team who are able to create these strategies and who are able to come to your with the answers rather than coming to you with questions about ‘What exactly is your target audience?’ or ‘What exactly do you want to focus on’.It’s time to work with a marketing agency that understands exactly what you need to do to succeed online.



At Catalyst we have purposefully sought out a team who have experience and specialise in helping market different types of companies within the private health sector.

What makes catalyst different is that we have direct experience working within teams at private health care companies as well as working closely with our healthcare clients to generate leads.


We specialise in the strategies needed to market professional healthcare services.

We have worked with private dentists and dental implant centres, counsellors, psychotherapy clinics, physiotherapists and have seen success within all these different areas of the private health care industry.


SEO is what you are looking for. The long term and cost-effective way of making sure that your business is seen for the keywords that are going to bring customers straight to your door. Speak with Chris about it today.

Google Adwords is a great way to appear above all your competitors when someone is searching for your service or product. When carried out correctly it can be extremely targeted so you can always be in front of the right person at the right time. If you want more info about this then speak with Chris here.

Everyone wants more traffic to their site and there are a lot of ways to tackle this. But if you believe you have a brand, product or service that a mass population could love, then drop Chris a message today about it and find out how we can really work to get high levels of online exposure for your company.

Getting in front of the right person to get that all important sale is different for every business. Your audience could be anywhere on the internet, the point is to find them at the right time and in the right place to get the quickest conversion. Speak with Chris today to find out more.

Struggle to get those first 100 or maybe 1000 few followers? Reaching the right people is becoming an ever increasingly hard thing to do with more and more people coming online today. Speak with Kyle today about getting the right people following your business on all social platforms.

There are now so many important elements which make up a great website. Depending on the purpose of your site you made need a very tailored site with all the bells and whistles. Speak with our developer Kane to discuss exactly what it is you want your site to do.

Design is a crucial element when it comes to keeping people engaged when they are on your site. Che would be more than happy to sit down and talk about exactly how you can have your site looking the way you want it.