The Brief

The goal was straightforward: Increase visits to their site and raise brand awareness. To achieve this, we implemented dual strategy PPC and Facebook Ads, along with building out a new website. 

Age UK Northamptonshire is a local independent charity that provides services and support to older people in Northamptonshire. They help them to make the best of life and to have a secure and dignified old age. Age UK provides a wider range of services, products and opportunities to larger numbers of older people.

“Working with Catalyst has been a game-changer for us at Age UK Northamptonshire. Their expertise in creating our new trading website has significantly enhanced our online presence and user experience. The team was incredibly supportive throughout the process, offering innovative ideas and solutions that perfectly align with our mission. We highly recommend Catalyst for their exceptional service and dedication.”

What We Did

The strategy for Age UK was a little different, given that they are a charity. We went down the route of Google Adwords, as there is a charity scheme where you get $10,000 free a month for Google Adwords. This helps massively for increasing brand awareness and showing the different services that Age UK do to support the elderly. Some of the services are; Care Support At Home, Day Centres, Gardening Services and many more. 

What we did was then break down each service into it’s own campaign and then distribute the $10,000 evenly throughout all the campaigns. This lead to a vast amount of clicks with a really low CPC and a high CTR! I’ll provide the screenshots below.

We have also been running Facebook ads, as we have put together some really engaging content, that has to lead to amazing results in terms of the cost per click and the amount of interactions they have received!

We also created a trading website for Age UK Northamptonshire, providing a dedicated platform for their community to easily access their services. This website enhances the user experience, making it simple for their community to find the services that support their needs. 

By offering an intuitive and accessible online presence, Age UK Northamptonshire can better serve their community and expand their reach.

"They aimed to increase their brand awareness so they can help the elderly as much as they can and that is exactly what we set out to do."

Results & Stats

The results below are showing the all time results. From 15th Feb 2023 – 22nd May 2024, we have spend $6955 and this has lead to 31,293 impressions and 4.582 clicks which is absolutely amazing for their brand awareness. This means that the average CPC is only $1.52 with a CTR of 14.64! The average CTR for a Google Adwords campaign is only 5%. This shows how engaging our ads have been and the importance of our thorough keyword research.

By developing a trading website for Age UK Northamptonshire, it enhanced user experience, making it straightforward for their users to find the services they need.

Creating a dedicated platform for their community was a strategic move that brought multiple benefits. By offering an intuitive and accessible online presence, they can better serve their community and significantly expand their reach. The website not only strengthens their brand visibility but also engages a broader audience, driving increased support for their essential initiatives.

By leveraging analytics, they can also gain valuable insights into user behaviour, helping them tailor their services and marketing efforts more effectively. Overall, this trading website is a vital tool for enhancing engagement, driving growth, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

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