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Elevate engagement and conversions with our high-converting social media campaigns, strategically designed for maximum impact in today’s dynamic online landscape

Creating Forward Thinking Social Campaigns

Our social campaigns are nothing less than something extraordinary.

We are proud to say that we have refined a social strategy that works exceptionally well for clients who are trying to sell products online and for businesses getting customers to pick up the phone.

Your audience is out there and we test, test, test until we find that magic winning combination of creative, ad text and targeting that pulls out your customers from the chaotic landscape which is social media and drives them straight into your site.

Data Driven Campaigns

One of our core elements that we utilise better than any other agency out there is data! When you know how to analyse data properly and are able to build new campaigns around this data, then the world is your oyster.

We know what works when it comes to running the right type of campaigns for your business. More importantly, we know how to adapt your campaign so it is constantly able to run at its most optimum.

Stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t work and let the data do the talking.

Total Social Coverage & The Funnel System

We have a few tricks up our sleeve. They are known as ‘Total Social Coverage’ & ‘Funnelling’. With these two strategies applied to your business we are able to turn cold traffic into cold hard conversions. It is the most effective strategy being used right now, however, we don’t give out secrets away for free….

But we do to our clients!

Book a meeting with us below to learn exactly how our social strategy beats any other strategy being employed by your competitors.

A social agency that can enhance your online presence.

In today’s landscape, the significance of Social Media Marketing cannot be overstated. Integrating SMM into your online marketing strategy is essential, as it facilitates the discovery of your brand’s online presence, resulting in sustained growth and heightened sales.

New social media users every day
of people use social media to research a company first

Harness the power of social media strategies.

Transform your business with sophisticated social media strategies that propel your online presence to new heights.


Amplify your brand’s reach and engagement on the social giant, leveraging our expertise in content creation and targeted advertising to connect with your audience effectively.


Curate a visually appealing and engaging Instagram presence with our content strategies, showcasing your brand’s story and products to captivate the platform’s visually-driven audience.


Establish your brand as an industry authority on LinkedIn. Our focused content and networking strategies help you forge meaningful connections and position your brand at the forefront of your sector.


Harness the visual appeal of Pinterest through strategic advertising campaigns. Our expertise in crafting visually striking ads ensures your brand stands out and resonates with Pinterest’s engaged user base.


Leverage the power of video marketing on YouTube. From content creation to optimisation, our strategies ensure your brand shines on the world’s second-largest search engine, driving visibility and engagement.


Elevate your brand’s voice on X with our dynamic strategies. From real-time engagement to strategic content sharing, we ensure your brand thrives in the fast-paced conversations of this influential platform.

We implement a streamlined and effective social media marketing strategy.

Exploring our highly effective social media marketing approach




Our social experts are ready to assist you.

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Charles Brewer
Charles Brewer
Absolute pleasure to deal with this fantastic team. They have helped me develop my business over the past year and I hope that our working partnership can continue to flourish.
Zoe Armstrong
Zoe Armstrong
Great team to work with, all the guys are really friendly. Would highly recommend Catalyst as a marketing agency in Brighton and surrounding areas
Mike Burl
Mike Burl
Fantastic team to work with. Great results and always high quality! Thanks for all the hard work guys.
Owen Burton
Owen Burton
Great stuff, have enjoyed working with this company and look forward to our future creative endeavours.
Nance French
Nance French
Amazing service from the guys at catalyst!