How AI is Changing Digital Marketing

AI and Digital Marketing, where are we heading?

In today’s business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to software that can learn and improve without human intervention. This means that, while we’ve grown accustomed to machines assisting us with heavy lifting, they can now begin to assist us with tasks that require analysis and decision as well.

Machines can now answer questions like which before would have required some sort of human interaction. Because machines can answer questions much faster than humans, they can easily link together complicated strings of inquiries to make predictions like who is most likely to buy your products and where the best spots to advertise are.


What does the future of AI hold for the digital marketing world?

That’s the underlying premise of today’s business Artificial Intelligence: automating learning and decision-making processes in order to provide knowledge and insight that aids performance. And one area where it’s been put to good use is Digital Marketing. AI will undoubtedly alter the future of digital marketing. It’s not so much about what’s happening now as it is about what new patterns are likely to emerge in the next years.

We’ve developed the ability to learn a lot about who is and isn’t interested in our products and services in the online age. Google and Facebook’s targeted advertising platforms were responsible for the first breakthroughs. Each of those platforms has now been enhanced with machine learning technology, allowing them to become more effective as more data on customers and their purchasing habits is fed into them.


Material Based Marketing

Material-based marketing has become the dominant type of marketing in many industries as a result of the growth of social media marketing and our expanding desire for online content. Here, AI comes in handy by assisting us in determining what types of content our clients and potential customers are interested in, as well as the most effective methods to provide that content to them.


Customer Cycle

In determining where a customer is in the buying process, AI will become increasingly valuable. If it detects that customers are “shopping around,” it can deliver material that differentiates your product or service from competitors, and it can target them with promotions urging them to “act now” to take advantage of a limited-time offer if it detects that they are ready to make a purchase.


Chatbot AI Technology

Chatbot technology, which is powered by natural language processing, is becoming increasingly popular among AI-augmented marketers. This can be used to segment incoming client enquiries, allowing those that demand a speedy solution to be prioritised, reducing frustration. AI-powered CRM will also allow organisations to more correctly estimate sales across all of their markets, allowing stock and resources to be dispersed more efficiently.

Although AI is widely used in digital marketing, we could say that it is still in its infancy. That implies it’s not too late to invest in machine learning technologies if you haven’t previously. You will need it in order to compete in today’s fast-paced marketing environment and you’ll certainly avoid tremendous obstacles later if you get ahead now.

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