The Brief

The brief was simple… Drive more enquires as well as more people to through the doors of their showroom. We focused on both PPC & SEO to help us drive the right sort of traffic to them. They wanted to be the go to brand for luxury bathroom design in Brighton and the surrounding areas, and that’s what we set up to do.

We sat down with Angus & Steph and started to come up with a content strategy. We know that this is one of the most effective ways of organically expanding your reach and audience.

"Catalyst have transformed our marketing approach and re-designed our website and we can't recommend them highly enough! Chris and Kane have been on hand at all times to answer questions and propose ideas, and they provide us with detailed feedback every fortnight so that we can tweak our strategy to get the most out of our spend. They clearly know their stuff but they always listen to us and have really made an effort to get to know our company and our goals, so we have every confidence that they are a fantastic investment!"

What We Did

We started to focus on local towns such as Worthing, Horsham, Eastbourne as well as smaller areas. We knew there was demand out there from our initial research, so once we created a new landing page for a location we reflected this in the Google Ads campaigns.

A very vital step we took that is essential for any businesses success was to implement conversion tracking throughout the entire site as well as for the Google Ads account.

This is so we could track exactly what the users were doing once they were on the site and what sort of engagement were they interested in.

Did they want to book a Zoom consultation, fill out a form, pick up the phone or simply get directions straight to the showroom through Google maps? We later ended up building them a site that made the conversion process a breeze.

“They wanted to be the go to brand for luxury bathroom design in Brighton and the surrounding areas, and that’s what we set up to do.”

Results & Stats

Within the first few month of working with them we instantly started seeing fantastic results in terms of SEO. Year on year there organic SEO was up over 65% and this was being reflected in the number of conversions and new customers that they were receiving.

Angus & Steph, as well as the rest of the Pier1 team, have already started to see an increase in enquires.

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest insights we have gained into Pier1 is an understanding of exactly how their audience wants to reach them and how many people are being driven by the work we are doing.

Understanding this is essential for any business since it should be heavily impacting your marketing decisions from the locations you choose to service, the products you want to push the most and what channels to put your money into.

We are really excited to carry on our work with Pier1 and see continued growth until they are one of the most established bathroom design companies in the South East.

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