SEO & Marketing Strategies for Solicitors & Lawyers

When it comes to marketing a solicitor’s firm you really have to understand your goals, what do you want to do? Stay where you are but dominate the location you are in? Establish yourself as a nationwide brand? Start expanding out with plans to build new branches?
All of these plans require a different approach to how to conduct your marketing. We have been working very closely with Solicitors & Lawyers firms up and down the country for the last few years now and have gathered a few tips we know can really push your marketing in the right direction to achieve what you want.

SEO For Solicitors & Lawyers Firms

When it comes to SEO, people tend to think for solicitors that it is especially hard and difficult, especially if you are trying to out rank those major players on Google, you know, the ‘established in the 1800’s’ type who just seem an unbeatable competitor, well the work we have done is living proof that they are definitely not unbeatable.

Dominating your Local SEO

One of the best ways to start beating these major competitors is to start creating location pages around smaller locations in your areas. One way we worked with one of our clients that was really successful was to start building out pages for keywords such as ‘Solicitors in Hove/Portslade/Shoreham/Kemptown’ etc. This is a great method to get those local search terms but also in the long run what you are doing is building up this view in Googles robot, laser eyes that you are very much a company that dominates the Brighton area. Your organic ranking for your key term or the keyword that is going to bring in the most amount of traffic which will obviously be ‘Solicitors in Brighton’ will slowly start to be affected by this in a positive way.

Expanding into new territories

Not only is the above method great for getting those top 3 positions for your local area of interest but if you are looking to expand out physically or maybe just serve people in a new location the above rule applies in a similar fashion. You need to build up that association in Googles eyes that you are a company not just set to one location. Strat creating these landing pages for smaller areas around you. So, for example if you are based in Brighton and want to start moving up toward surrey or perhaps even open a new branch there you should have created your main landing page for ‘Solicitors surrey’ and start building out these smaller location areas around it as well. But this isn’t all that should be done, which brings me onto my next point…

local seo for solicitors

Do your keyword research

Not only are you going to have to know what core keywords to go after but you are also going to have to start including relevant blog content. This can really help for ranking for those longer tailed keywords and Google obviously loves to see you providing useful information to an engaged audience but be clever about it. Find a way of how you can make these blogs specific to either a certain niche, audience, service or even a certain location that you want to start targeting.

Link building, On Page SEO & Technical SEO

Now, the above was just about the strategies that we have seen work for our clients about dominating that one local area or expanding out to new ones. Either way, it is about bringing in more traffic, getting in front of new audiences and converting them. However, you also must make sure that all other on page and off page elements are in perfect condition., now this is not the article that will talk about them since there are over 200 different ranking factors that Googles considers when they go to rank a site, but if you wanted to read up on some of this stuff we have plenty of different articles discussing how you can start optimizing every element of your site.

We have been there and got the t shirt

We obviously hope you have got some useful information about how you might start moving forward with your marketing strategy or perhaps just influenced how you might change things up a little from this article. But, of course, we only know all of this and more because we have worked with different solicitors across the country and have the data, the knowledge and the skills about how this works, why this works and how to start implementing it. All of the strategies mentioned above have been tried and tested and is something that we still use with our client’s today.

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