SEO Training Brighton

If you have found yourself here, then you are here for one reason and one reason only. You want to know how you can gain or further your SEO abilities and I don’t blame you! For as long as there are people buying things online, there will be SEO marketers to market to these audiences and I can’t see online shopping going out of fashion any time soon.

Who are you, Catalyst, to be providing SEO training?

Catalyst are an agency who are comprised of Marketing, Development and Design professionals. Our SEO team have a combined 40+ years of SEO experience in almost every industry you can list. In this case it will be Chris Turnbull, who will be delivering your SEO training.

Based in our Brighton branch, Chris has over 10 years’ experience in Search Engine Optimisation and has worked for global corporations such as JVC, Rubicon & Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and a countless number of nationwide and local businesses to help increase their visibility online.

So, who is this SEO training for?

Well, the level of training available to offer is of an expert level. We are able to teach you everything you need to know to start promoting and optimising any online business. Weather you have zero SEO knowledge or maybe you have just been out the game for a while

How does the SEO training work & what do I get?

What you receive is personal contact with out SEO expert Chris, who will start with a face to face skype call to get an understanding of your background, your level of SEO and what you want to apply it to. On this call Chris will gage your level of expertise, get an understanding of how far and how much you want to learn and then will create a personalised SEO training strategy to help you reach your desired level.

These skype calls will then continue with each session being an hour long and covering all the aspects of SEO from ON-Page optimisation to content creation, link building strategies, Google Analytics management and all of the other key elements that affect how sites are optimized and ranked.

With us, You Won’t be left in the dark.

It is important for us from a moral standpoint, but also as a business and for our brand reputation to create high level courses which produce very skilled individuals.

The information and knowledge you receive will not only be to the highest standard and most recent and newest practices informing you on everything from specific tricks for specific industries, and the best new tech and free sites to use, but it won’t stop there. We make sure to provide continued support via the means of knowledge and networking during and after your training with us.

Learn more about SEO training courses in Brighton by picking up the phone and asking for Chris today!

After the course is done or even during the course, you have direct access to your tutor, Chris, for 3 months after the course has ended where you can contact him personally to help answer any questions or run back through what you have learnt.

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