UK Digital Marketing Strategy Post Coronavirus

As some businesses have started filling the offices again this week in the UK and as we gear up to for more industries and shops to open across the UK in the next coming months, your business needs to start thinking about how you can get be ready for everything that is to come.

We here at Catalyst, like many of you, are all eager for things to get back to normal, but obviously this should happen at a slow pace and when it is safe to do so. But, if you are one of the companies that are getting ready to get back to a more normal state of business in the next few months and know that your audience is going to be able to safely start needing your services, then this article is going to touch upon some of the main aspects that should be included in your businesses digital marketing strategy.

As long as your site is in a strong position still on Google for your main keywords, then you will see a big spike in traffic, and need to make sure your site is as ready as possible for this surge.

Carry out a full site audit

  • This is something that we carry out for our clients every month and something that we see as necessary to stay in the best position possible for understanding our clients sites and what work needs to be done on them. These are just a few of the things that should be included in your site audit:
  • Content analysis
  • On page SEO analysis
  • Adwords/Analytics Tags
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Broken Link Check
  • Site Speed

There are many more aspects that all should be looked into monthly but most definitely something that should be done now to make sure you know exactly what needs a bit of tweaking!

Work hard on your SEO… and then even harder

Ideally this should hopefully have been carried on as usual over the last few months, but it is more than understandable why a lot of businesses around the UK have had to put their marketing on hold.

However, your business needs to be showing up on Google for your products and services, especially as this surge in traffic is sure to come in the next few months. So, make sure that your SEO is watertight in these next coming weeks to give you the best chance possible for appearing above your competitors for your keywords.

Look into new content ideas, make sure your site audit includes a very in detailed SEO audit, work on acquiring new backlinks and perhaps find new keywords to target and start building out new pages

Get your brand on social media

Social media is still one of your best options when it comes to promoting your brand with a. small budget. A good Facebook campaign can still get your thousands of impressions for as much as what you would spend on your Friday night take away!

Having a beautifully designed image and a strong message can really go a long way on Facebook and will get old and new customers thinking about your brand as things start to pick up again.

Setup a new adwords campaign

When Adwords is done right, it can really have a monumental impact on your business. Other than having amazing brand perception, Google Adwords is your next best option for getting in front of a very targeted audience.

It is something we would definitely say is worth thinking about, because if it isn’t you that is up there it will be one of your competitors!

Change up your site content

This is an important one, it is good for your customers to see that you are active on your site. Not only should you check through all your site content just to spruce things up a little so Google knows you are active, add something in that lets your customers know you are back in business and understand exactly how your business is going to be handling things in a post Covid-19 world.

This can be something small like a new banner on the home page or perhaps even a whole new page within a sincere message to your customers about how you plan to move forward.

Consider special offers

Special offers are definitely something that can be used at any time in the year to can bring in new customers. It is enticing for obvious reasons, but it also works as a great thing to promote on your social media platforms and something that can really separate you from the competition as everyone is going to be eager to be getting out and getting back to normal.

These are just some of the main things that your business should include in your digital marketing strategy for the next coming months. If this is something that you think would really benefit your company, then please get in contact with someone at Catalyst today, as we would love to be on your side when it comes to getting your business greater exposure and great results.

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