What Are Google Ads New Performance Max Features?

Google Performance Max Features

It’s no surprise that Google encourages advertisers to use Performance Max campaigns. By the end of 2022, Performance Max campaigns will have completely replaced Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. Google is providing new features to assist advertisers by announcing the launch of three new features in the following weeks.

Performance Max campaigns combine the best of Google’s automation technology to help you get more out of all of your Google Ads channels and assets. Performance Max is getting new features that will help you gain new consumers, assess campaign performance, and start upgrading your Smart Shopping campaigns with a one-click tool.

Attracting New Customers

Formerly, advertisers running Smart Shopping ads could only use the new customer acquisition goal. All advertisers wishing to create leads or enhance online sales will now be able to use Performance Max. This goal will enable you to either bid higher for new customers than for existing customers, or to focus your efforts solely on new customers while still preserving cost efficiency. You’ll also have more options for identifying new customers, such as leveraging Customer Match lists to provide your own first-party data, putting up conversion tags, and using Google’s autodetection approach.

Using Customer Match to upload audience lists is strongly recommended as this helps Google figure out who your newest customers are based on the most recent data. You’ll be able to increase new client conversions and generate longer-term revenue with the new customer acquisition goal.

Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns with New Valuable Insights

The Insights page displays the most relevant information that can help you boost the effectiveness of your campaign and influence your overall approach. It saves you time that would otherwise be spent studying raw data or analysing numerous reports to evaluate your past success and spot potential opportunities. Soon, with a new Insights page launching with features that make it simpler and faster for you to discover actionable insights.

Asset Audience Insights: With asset audience insights, you can examine how certain audience segments respond to your text, image, and video assets. You may tweak your creative and improve your whole marketing strategy using these findings.

Diagnostic Insights: After you’ve set up a Performance Max campaign, diagnostic insights will show you any remaining setup difficulties that may prevent your ads from appearing. If your creative assets are rejected for example, you’ll be told to change them before you can start displaying your ads and lose out on conversion opportunities.

The “one-click” upgrading feature will be available in Google Ads for advertisers running Smart Shopping campaigns over the following weeks. Starting in June, advertisers running Local ads will be able to upgrade to Performance Max.

You’ll have 2 alternatives for upgrading your campaigns to Performance Max with the upgrade tool: you may either update all of your campaigns all together or upgrade certain campaigns. Your Smart Shopping or Local campaign will become a new, independent Performance Max campaign when you upgrade it. To ensure performance stability, lessons learned from the previous campaign will be incorporated to your new Performance Max campaign. The budget and settings from your previous campaign will be transferred over to the new one.

Upgrading your existing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns ensures that you may take advantage of increased inventory and prepare your campaigns for the holiday season. Until the automatic upgrade process begins, you will be able to choose when to upgrade your campaigns. From July to September, Smart Shopping campaigns will be automatically upgraded, and from August to September, Local campaigns will be automatically upgraded.

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