What, How & Why – PPC for Small Businesses

This is going to be a short article that answers your questions surrounding PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising. You may have heard about it and even know quite a bit about it, but depending who you have spoken to and what you have read then you may have the complete wrong understanding of what PPC is, how it works and why it is worth investing in.

What is PPC & how will it work for my business?

When you think of PPC you must start thinking of it as almost separate from your marketing budget and start thinking of it as an investment. I saw this because PPC works by giving you, when properly done, the maximum level of exposure that you can gain for your keyword on the Google search engine.

Without going into more detail, since there are a lot of easily consumable videos to explain the very detailed ins and outs of the Google Adwords platform, here is a quick and simple description of how PPC works.

PPC works by setting up campaigns within the Adwords platform, under each campaign you will then have a different number of ad groups and under each ad group you will have the keywords you are targeting. For example, if one of your campaigns is Wooden Tables, your ad groups might be ‘Oak Tables’, ‘Pine Tables’, ‘Beech Tables’ and so on. Then under these ad groups you will target the keywords you want your ad to show for. For example ‘Buy oak tables online’, ‘Buy oak tables uk’, ‘Cheap oak tables’, ‘Luxury oak tables’ and so on.

Highly optimised PPC accounts achieve results

Now you have the basic idea of how a campaign structure may look, why would you want to start doing this and how is it going to help your business? As I said, you should view this as an investment since if you have experts within PPC advertising working on your account then having a highly tuned and highly optimised can bring in a large number of enquiries that target your exact audience, making the chance of conversion a lot higher.

The level of targeting you can achieve with a properly set up account is phenomenal. Which means you are able to have complete control over your costs and how much you are able to spend to gain each conversion.

With these very precise details and so many different elements to have full control over your campaigns it makes it all the more essential to have a PPC agency you can trust. Someone you know is going to constantly be checking and monitoring the account and someone who is going to constantly show you results.

If you believe that PPC is something that requires a high budget then I’m sorry to say you have been misled. A. lot of companies like to sell that if you chuck more and more money at a campaign than it will just generate more and more results.

Unfortunately, it does not work this way at it. that is almost like saying if you keep throwing bricks on a pile you will have a house. Unless the foundations are put in place correctly then all you are going to have is a big mess.

Data driven, skilled based PPC investments

Now the final question is, are you ready? Are you ready to start investing into your company? With a budget that suits you and working alongside an expert agency with over decades of combined experience? If you are, then you don’t even have to leave this site.

Start seeing PPC as an investment in your business. Contact one of our experts today to get talking about how we are going to help your make the data driven and skill based investments in your business.

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