Digital marketing is quite big these days and understandably so: with the internet being so important in our everyday lives, marketing in the digital world is becoming increasingly more necessary to achieve success as a business. The better the digital marketing campaign, the greater the success you’re going to have.

But of course, there’s one little detail: quality digital marketing costs money.

We’re not saying anything too unique or special with that: if you want a quality service, you have to pay for that. And that is fundamentally true when it comes to digital marketing campaigns if you want to get the services of good professionals that will do their job in great fashion and help you get the results that you crave for.

But there are many variables in that regard and here we’re going to mention some key factors that you need to take into account. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Working to your own marketing budget

It doesn’t matter how good a digital marketing campaign is if you can’t afford it. Your campaign starts and ends with your own budget, so it’s important that you take that into consideration.

By and large, most companies, especially the most successful ones, tend to use a certain percentage of their revenue to invest it on digital marketing campaigns, thus maintaining a degree of balance and knowing full well how much they are going to invest on that department on a yearly basis in most cases.

The percentage can vary from company to company of course. Some of them go from investing 3% to as high as 20%, so it depends on how much revenue you have and how much you are willing to invest.

In this particular case, since we don’t know how big your company is and how much you are investing, we recommend you to invest about 9% as is a decent investment and it doesn’t take away too much from your revenue.

Which services does a digital marketing campaign have?

Before diving into your first marketing campaign, you need to understand the different aspects and elements that can be involved in one so you can get an idea of what platforms and strategies you will need to implement to get the most out of your budget. This will also help when you go to a digital marketing company or professional and get in a conversation about what they can offer you, what you need and what you think you should focus on.

In that regard, there is a wide variety of services, but here we are going to present you what we consider the most important and what we think can make a difference in your digital platform:

  • Search Engine Optimization. Mostly known as SEO, it’s the use of specific keywords in your written content in order to make your website a lot more visible and easier to find through Google searches, thus allowing you to get a lot more web traffic.

On paper, that doesn’t sound too complex, but the reality is that SEO is getting more and more complex as time goes by and if behooves you to get an expert on the field that can provide the type of insight that you and your working staff may not have.

  1. Social media marketing. This service includes handling your online presence in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. There are many different challenges and characteristics of handling these platforms, but it also includes handling the possible use of ads, engaging with followers, providing information and a lot more.

Out of all the different digital marketing services that a campaign has, this one is particularly important as social media platforms are becoming much more prominent as time goes by and if you are a business that doesn’t have a platform, you are basically not out there and you need to correct that as soon as possible.

  1. Paid Advertising/Google Ads Google AdWords can be one of the most effective tools you can use when it comes to targeting the exact person you want your ad to be seen by. It is something we would suggest as an essential for any marketing campaign that wants to build and create a holistic digital campaign.

Getting a professional’s help in this situation is essential as he or she can prepare the campaigns, carry out the correct research and target the lists of people to reach, the interactions and a lot of different elements to make the Adwords campaign a lot more effective and efficient.

  1. Video marketing. Video marketing is an increasing market and for a good reason: it gets people’s attention quite fast and there is a good chance that your audience is much more interested in watching a video than reading an article, for better or worse.

Video marketing requires assistance of the highest caliber in terms of how to structure it, how to record it, the type of visuals that you are going to use and how you are going to promote it to your audience, among many other different factors that can prove to be essential in your videos’ development.

And all of these services are just a selected few. There are many more to take into account, but this might give you an idea of what you need to go for.

So… how much does a good digital marketing campaign cost?

This answer might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but the reality is that there isn’t a defined cost for digital marketing campaigns. Some companies can go from £1000 dollars to £50,000 on a monthly fee, depending on how rated they are and how much experience they have in the business.

For small businesses looking to implement any of the above services, you could look at something as small as £350 for a small SEO campaign. The question you need to ask yourself is this: How many leads/sales would I need to generate to pay off and profit from the money I am investing into my digital marketing campaign?

We offer holistic marketing packages that cover all elements of digital marketing from as little as £750 a month. The reason we focus on these packages is that, if you know that you have a business that you could really scale and grow to start making some serious money but you just need to get off the ground and get people through the door, then our £750pm package brings you a team of skilled and dedicated marketers who are able to turn a small investment into your business, into a success story.

Digital marketing can be a great experience if you play your cards well. Make sure that happens by selecting the right people to work with and by spending your money in a smart way.



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