The Brief

We were tasked with boosting sales for Mirrors of London during the busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Our goal was straightforward: use Facebook ads to increase sales and enhance the visibility of the brand in a limited timeframe.

To achieve Mirrors of London’s sales goals, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive Facebook ad campaign. Our strategy included audience segmentation, compelling ad copy, visually captivating creatives and strategic ad placements to amplify reach and engagement.

“Our collaboration with Catalyst has been truly game-changing for Mirrors of London. Working alongside Chris, Kane, Kierrya, and Nick has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise in crafting exceptional Facebook ads has led us to achieve a record-breaking month in mirror sales. Their insights and guidance have completely transformed our marketing strategies, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the results.”

What We Did

To assist Mirrors of London in reaching their sales targets, our agency diligently developed a detailed Facebook advertising campaign. This approach involved dividing the audience, creating persuasive ad content, visually appealing designs, and placing ads strategically to expand audience reach and interaction.

A key aspect that contributed to the success of Mirrors Of London was adjusting the budget allocation towards campaigns that showed stronger performance compared to others.

A pivotal element in driving the success of Mirrors Of London was recognising the exceptional performance of User-Generated Content (UGC) campaigns, which stood out as the most effective in generating results.

A crucial aspect of our strategy lay in the significance of A/B testing for our ads. Constantly conducting these tests enabled us to identify the best-performing ads consistently.

“They wanted to have the best month of sales and that is exactly what we did”

Results, Stats & Design

Between November 20th and December 1st, encompassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we achieved Mirrors of London’s highest-ever monthly sales, selling a total of 24 mirrors. This milestone was the result of effective audience targeting, thorough A/B testing, and strategic ad spend allocation.

Displayed on the right-hand side are our top-performing ads during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. The most successful ads happen to be video ads featuring User-Generated Content (UGC). Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice similar videos used in different ads; this was part of our strategy to test various ad copies and identify the best-performing ones.

Our thorough A/B testing significantly contributed to boosting website purchases, allowing us to discern which ad variations were most effective in driving conversions.

On the left-hand side, we showcase the impact and effectiveness of User-Generated Content (UGC) in our advertising strategy. UGC has proven to be an invaluable asset for Mirrors of London’s marketing efforts. Its authenticity and relatability resonate well with our audience, fostering a stronger connection and trust.

Alongside the UGC, the text overlay is also as important as it showcases to the audience what the ad is actually about.

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