The Brief

The goal was straightforward: Increase signups which will inevitably lead to LearningCog boosting their client base. To achieve this, we implemented a dual strategy of PPC and SEO, aiming to drive targeted traffic to the website. 

LearningCog aspired to become the leading business for Insights Discovery and build strong managers, leaders and teams in major cities like Birmingham, London, Manchester, Brighton and nationwide. Working closely with the team at LearningCog, we crafted a content strategy, acknowledging its effectiveness in organically expanding reach and engaging with a wider audience.

"Catalyst has truly transformed our marketing approach and website design, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough! Chris, Kane, Kierrya and Nick have been incredibly supportive, always available to answer questions and provide innovative ideas. Their bi-weekly feedback sessions offer valuable insights, enabling us to refine our strategy effectively. They possess a deep understanding of their field, yet they prioritise listening to our needs and understanding our company's goals. Their efforts to familiarise themselves with our organisation ensure that we have complete confidence in their services. Catalyst has proven to be an invaluable investment for us here at LearningCog!"

What We Did

We strategically targeted major cities in the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Brighton, aiming to capture demand for core services such as Insights Discovery and Leadership and Management. Additionally, smaller surrounding areas were also included in the campaign strategy. Each location received a dedicated landing page, reflecting the specific offerings tailored to the local audience.

Also, We implemented comprehensive conversion tracking across the website and Google Ads account, crucial for measuring success and optimising campaign performance.

This enabled us to monitor precisely the actions users took on the site and the type of engagement that captured their interest.

Did they want to book a Zoom consultation, fill out a form or simply pick up the phone? This is why it has been essential to incorporate conversion tracking, as we can then tailor the site accordingly to boost conversions.

"They aimed to become the go-to business for Insights Discovery, Leadership and Management and overall team training in the major cities in the UK and that's precisely what we set out to achieve."

Results & Stats

In 2023, we made a huge increase in Organic Search. As shown in the screenshot below, Organic Search Traffic increased by 213% compared to 2022. This growth was achieved through extensive Keyword Research, our diligent optimisation efforts and an outstanding content strategy, resulting in a significant 639% increase in conversions.

Ric, along with the LearningCog team, is very happy with the work we have done as we have brought in a huge amount of clients through our PPC and SEO strategy. 

As mentioned earlier, one of the key insights we’ve learned about LearningCog is a clear understanding of how their audience prefers to engage with them and the impact our efforts are having on driving traffic.

Recognising this is crucial for LearningCog, as it should significantly influence marketing decisions, including service locations, and allocated advertising channels. 

We are eagerly anticipating the continuation of our partnership with LearningCog, striving for ongoing growth until it becomes one of the most reputable companies specialising in Insights Discovery, Leadership and Management and Team Training solutions Nationwide.

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