The Brief

The goal was straightforward: Increase visits which will inevitably lead to PLATF9RM boosting their client base. To achieve this, we implemented a dual strategy of PPC and SEO aiming to drive targeted traffic and conversions to the website. 

PLATF9RM has become the leading business for coworking space in Brighton and Hove. PLATF9RM offers flexible coworking spaces, private offices, and event venues in Brighton and Hove. It serves as a hub for freelancers, startups, and businesses to collaborate and network. The company provides various membership options, day passes, and a range of meeting and event spaces equipped with the necessary facilities. PLATF9RM also hosts a diverse array of community events aimed at fostering creativity and professional growth. 

"We’ve been working with Catalyst for coming up to 5 years now and I see this working relationship continuing long into the future. The best agency relationships are ones that feel easy and with Catalyst it’s exactly that. They are competent, responsive and incredibly capable and are 100% my first recommendation to anyone in need of Digital Marketing Services."

What We Did

Our ad strategy targets both the coworking audience and those looking for event spaces, catering to the specific needs of each group. By creating tailored messages that highlight PLATF9RM’s collaborative and flexible environments, we aim to attract professionals seeking coworking solutions and event organisers in need of versatile venues. A/B testing is essential in our Google Adwords campaigns to compare different headlines, descriptions, and calls-to-action. This helps ensure that our ads connect with our target audiences effectively, improving click-through rates and conversions, and ultimately driving growth for PLATF9RM.

Also, We implemented comprehensive conversion tracking across the website and Google Ads account, crucial for measuring success and optimising campaign performance.

This enabled us to monitor precisely the actions users took on the site and the type of engagement that captured their interest.

PLATF9RM also had a new site that went live, in which we manage and optimise to rank for their core keywords, which has meant their organic growth has grown 337% from 2022 to 2023.

"They aimed to become the go-to coworking space in Brighton and Hove and that's precisely what we have achieved."

Results & Stats

In 2023, we made a huge increase in Organic Search. As shown in the screenshot below, Organic Search Traffic increased by 337% compared to 2022. This growth was achieved through extensive Keyword Research, our diligent optimisation efforts and an outstanding web maintenance to boost the overall user experience.

SEO Stats

PLATF9RM are very happy with the work we have done as we have brought in a record-breaking month in terms of conversions, which consists of visits, day passes and phone calls in the month of May. 

We are well on our way to break 200 conversions with an incredibly low cost per conversion of only £5.44!

As mentioned earlier, one of the key insights we’ve learned about PLATF9RM is a clear understanding of how their audience prefers to engage with them and the impact our efforts are having on driving traffic.

Recognising this is crucial for PLATF9RM, as it should significantly influence marketing decisions, including targeting different services and allocated advertising channels. 

We are eagerly anticipating the continuation of our partnership with PLATF9RM, striving for ongoing growth and we are excited of whats to come!

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